Steve Jobs Died and I Had Dinner With Lisa Fields – Just some news from me.

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Sad Steve Jobs died.  We were blessed by his life and will continue to be.

Met with girlfriend Lisa Fields who is an expert at connecting ideas in a way that no one else has thought of.  Lisa, in essence, connects people to the product or market they are looking for.  If you remember when we spoke about grazers and barn people, Lisa is a wonder-grazer in the best way intended.  Any topic, any interest, any picture, product, person or punch-line, Lisa can make it bigger, more connected and better.  She turns it in more angles of view than eyes on a spider.  Thank you Lisa for tonight.

Anyhow, with Lisa tonight, turning and connecting ideas together, we caught the news.  Steve Jobs died.

Mourning his loss with you my friends.  Keep on.

Lisa Fields

10 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Died and I Had Dinner With Lisa Fields – Just some news from me.

  1. An amazing guy has graced us and moved on. As I type on my iPhone I am saddened that he was not able to live until 90 or 100.

  2. Sana,
    Thank you for your wisdom, friendship and insight. To include me in a blog is such an honor and concrete act of Kindness~

    I believe Steve Jobs gave credibility to the creatives in such a solid manner. We need both Function & Design just like we need Friends who accept us as we are but expect us to be the best we can be.

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