A Bit Dull – Update.

Winter the Dolphin

Image by dbr Atl via Flickr

A few more dollars in the Family Money Jar.

My daughter asked me if I’d ever seen moldy boogers.  (We had just “learned” that often cheese she eats is “moldy” or “aged.”  Somehow that brought her round to boogers.)

Spent over $200 on groceries today.

Ate my weight in theater popcorn watching, Dolphin Tale with a crowd of children.  I was all weepy, popcorn imbedded in my sweater and the kids kept asking, “Why did they cut off the dolphin’s tale?”  During the movie I texted my cousin, a specialist in orthotics and prosthetics at Shriners Hospital for Children, and it turns out he provided the first prosthetic for one of the actors in the movie.  He is one of my heroes.  Somehow, I suddenly felt even more intimately connected with that darn dolphin.  (Follow that if you can.)

Some so-so reviews from work-related stuff.

Off to go ride the bike.

Thankful for you.

20 thoughts on “A Bit Dull – Update.

  1. I am glad you mentioned Shriner’s Hospital. I am just regular Master Mason(you have to be that before Shriner) and am so disgusted with all the diabolical intrigue with the Illuminati, the New World Order and the Rothschilds and such that Masons are associated with. Well it makes good Dan Brown genre story tripe but I want to assure you and your followers that the most sinister and diabolical thing we ever did was decide whether the paneling should be walnut, cherry or knotty pine and if the rug should be white or cobalt blue. And raise money for crippled kids and for other community charities.

  2. I do miss those funny convos I had with my kids when they were little…though some are just as exciting now, just not always things “Mom” wants to know!

  3. Is that the one about the dolphin whose tail was damaged and who received a prothesis? I saw something about it and the relationship with humans in similat plight. We mammals are so similar in so many ways

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