14 thoughts on “We Lie. Still, Honesty is Worth Preserving.

  1. I am very good at lying. Being a mental health patient, it comes very natural to me, and it serves a purpose when I want to get out of the hospital sooner than later. If I go around telling people how I really feel, which it’s terrible for the most part, then all my loved ones would worry constantly. I can’t help having depression with suicidal ideation. It’s in my mind every moment I am awake. Medicine, therapy and doctors are not helpful. So if every time someone asks me how am I doing, I answer “I’m fine”, I am in effect lying. So lying isn’t always a bad thing to do.

    • i just can’t tell if u r telling the truth now Marie ;), but ah well.
      your comment struck home to many of us. no, as u and carl bring up, there r many definitions of lying, dimensions as he says. lie away my friend, but stay safe. u r so special, valuable, courageous, smart and strong. we need to hear u. keep on.

  2. I watched this and posted it on Face Book. It received no “likes” or comments. Hmmmm…is it because it bores people? Is it because it hits buttons? Or do we just want to keep doing the same old stuff and expect different results?

    • that’s cool that u posted it too. i luv knowing that chris. bores people? nah. hits buttons? sure. last question – answer: definitely. there’s a reasons cow’s kick over the bucket of milk. thank u so much for connecting.

  3. There are many dimension to lying. I would imagine when it comes to lying , in your practice you must address how we lie to ourselves a great deal . That too has many repercussions esp when it comes to health matters and addiction.

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