Set Your Self-Care And Moral Jailer Free.


Self Care

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Self-Care Tip – Set your self-care free.  Be a friend to yourself.

Self-care just is.

The problem about saying self-care starts and ends with Me is that people forget about the journey it travels between here and there.  People become fearful that it means alone-care, apart-from-God-care, selfish-care, and so on.

When we take care of “Me,” we can connect more with others, including God, have more inside of us to give to others, and have more interest in the world around.  The opposite disables our abilities to do those things.  Again we say, “Can’t give what we don’t have.”

God gave us this person, “Me,” to take care of.  He considers “Me” valuable and of high priority.  He celebrates with me and cheers me on.  He stands beside me and He doesn’t see self-care as having exclusionary implications to anyone else.

Please, shake it off.  Self-care is no more of a moral issue than anything else.  It just is.  It is a choice, a freedom, an opportunity.  It is as much about salvation as any other act of good or bad, and has no influence on our worth.  It just is.

Lord, What must I do to be saved?

– Paul’s Jailer.  Me.  Could be you.

Questions:  How do you speak to the stigma in your church, community or self toward being a friend to yourself?  How do you get to Me, despite the pressure to pay-up to all the others around you in emotional and physical energy first?  How is your relationship with God when you are friendly with yourself?  Please tell me your story.

19 thoughts on “Set Your Self-Care And Moral Jailer Free.

  1. self care is not selfish to start because in my little world self care is inportant i suppose you could see it both sides like if i didnt self care i would need 2 extra people to do this for me im my world if i look after myself it takes a bit of a drain of society and a lot of other peoplethats not being selfish thats looking after number one now if i was with a partner they could take a bit of that they could handle a bit and they would be there for you but you still have the tihng that you have to look after yourself its a bit like growing up really when we were kids we had parents they looked after us and teachers and maybee friends when you grow up you dont have that safty net we have our selves doctors maybee and friends where just learning how to look after ourselves better rather than pushing the burdon on everybody else god is inportant but he is allways baffeling and allways ansers back in puzzels and what you learn is only you have the key to unlock these puzzels

    • i love that both sides perspective kevin! thank u for reading and commenting. i have to say, u do sound incredibly more …something. don’t have the word for it but it is positive. i’m really happy for you. thanks for bringing us along.

  2. Didn’t Someone say “Love your neighbor as yourself.”? I believe that He knew, when He said those words, that we are loveable and loved and capable of loving, even when we don’t think we are any of those things sometimes. For me, self-care has been, and continues to be, learning to love myself, and in the process, learning to care about – love – others, who will love us back and, hopefully, “pay it forward”, too.

    I love the idea of setting my self-care free!! Good one, Sana. Thanks.

  3. The Bible says to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love our others? I don’t see self-care as conflicting with the Word of God. We are more able and willing to care for others, when we have cared for our own physical and mental needs. Blessings to you…

  4. This is so true. When I am going thru a bad spell I often feel alone; then I remember “He will not put more on my shoulders then I can handle”…it is then that I realize I am never alone in this journey.
    Thanks again Dr Q! Your blogs help me so much! 🙂

    • i hear u BDE. u r not alone in those thoughts. sometimes i feel better just knowing that whatever I believe doesn’t change truth or love or those timeless things that we wrestle over. I’m glad because I hope there’s a lot more out there than what i currently have in my beliefs and thoughts. thank u for reading and commenting. keep on!

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