Perfect Me / Prickles

We can live and suffer or we can die. Those are our options. None of us get to live, just live, without otherwise. We suffer.
So, we all, all of us, have a culture of suffering. We all have an agreement.
What is yours?
Do we live with a friendly relationship with our prickly imperfect selves? Do we love her? Do we treat her with the tenderness a friend would? Please tell us your story.

Self-Care Tip: Get friendly with your imperfect suffering parts.


8 thoughts on “Perfect Me / Prickles

  1. My option, always, is to live, whether in the pain that has kept me almost totally bed-ridden most of the last two weeks or whether in the pain that is constant but not as disabling. Living is the only answer. The decision to do otherwise, as I think we have established here, is unthinkable.


  2. Back in CA for much needed R&R. CA is where I encountered two years ago. Through it, I found great healing. Even stopped seeing a therapist for the first time in 17 years. “Journaling” through this blog was the best thing I had found to give myself the strength and self-confidence to actually begin healing myself – being a friend to myself – understanding why it is so important to start with Me. However, I became dependent on it. When we were told there would be no more daily blog entries, I panicked but felt better knowing at least there would be two or three a week, I could adjust to that. But now….nohing for almost a month. I miss my friendtoyourself friends. I even worry about people like Carl and Marie and Col. It’s especially painful now that I’m back in CA where it all started. I so needed this site. I so miss it. And, suddenly, I can’t seem to figure out how to help Me much. Wish there were an alternative. Hoping everyone else isn’t hurting as I am. Obviously, I am not the “I’m good. I know how to do this. I USED to be a mess!!” person I thought I was. Still love you, Sana. Always will. Just miss you an this blog terribly!!


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