Unrequited Love of Me


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A broken heart is.  Colors left behind give clues to whom was involved.

Wanda worked hard at her friendship.  She went into it with optimism.  She had chosen deliberately to do this, the steps toward taking care of herself. Taking these steps, like climbing a fine promise, notarized contract in hand.  She had the confidence of one who has turned aside from indenturehood to property.

Did Wanda get what she thought she would?

Miles was a good-looking man with nicely aged skin, obvious strength anyone noticed in his muscled limbs, and grooves more than wrinkles on his intense face.  He never lacked expression.  He was intense.  And it was with this body and emotion that he went into his relationship with Sara.

Did Miles get what he thought he would?

The most intimate exchanges, the most elemental, the very basic level of love to Me, you or any other is disappointing when it is a negotiation.  We will never get back what we gave for.  Relationships are never satisfying when they are mercantile, even with Me.

Question:  How do you get out of a mercantile relationship with yourself?  How do you give in friendship to “Me” without defined parameters of what you will get back?  When you do, what has happened in your relationship with “Me?”

Self-Care Tip:  Grow friendship with yourself as a lover not a merchant.

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7 thoughts on “Unrequited Love of Me

  1. I have known and been involved with too many people that are mercantile and mercenary and even Machiavellian in how they treat others. It is ugly. And disappointing as well as I cannot fathom how they can be so impure.

  2. I keep re-reading this and don’t think I understand where you are going with it. I maybe can’t understand mercantile in connection with my friendship with myself. Just happy that my relationship with myself is better than it has been in a very long time. Does that answer your question?

  3. Honestly, this describes some of the goals and plans that I make to take better care of myself, my diet, my mind, my emotions. I have to balance my thoughts of planning and goal setting with dealing with the day to day operations of taking care of me. Sometimes I have to just allow myself to plan as I go, and not care so much about planning my meals. I sometimes have to balance a delicate combination of planning how I care for myself, and actually taking care of myself. Sometimes, it is very ugly.

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