To Use Tension, Or Run From it…

English: Waterfall near Lepena, Slovenia Slove...

English: Waterfall near Lepena, Slovenia Slovenščina: Slap, Lepena, Slovenija (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, we talked about tension being a tool for balance.  Col, in her comments, asked to expand on this.  Aside from feeling incredibly tense about it, I thought, “Ah!  All right.”

You’ve heard the term, “One’s man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  Tension is like that.  It’s all kieshy now and pop! to meditate into oblivion, (I exaggerate,) and “medical” marijuana couldn’t be easier to get, but where do we get the opposition that provides so much of the pleasure in the calm?  Tension.

If you’ve never been quite calm yourself, imagine standing under a waterfall trying to dry off  when people say, “relax.”  (Got to love it when people say, “Calm down,” or, “Relax!”  …Ahem.)  Using tension as a tool for balance is learning to do something else in the downpour other than drying up, like take a shower or make a rainbow.

This is easier to say than do, for sure.  But just simply knowing that tension isn’t the enemy is a great boon.

Question:  When have you noticed that tension is a tool for balance in your life?  Do you use tension or run from it?  Please tell us your story.


2 thoughts on “To Use Tension, Or Run From it…

  1. Okay, that is funny! Standing under a water fall and trying to dry off. When you explain it that way, it makes so much sense!
    I use humor. As in CeeLo Green’s “Forget You” (or as its known by its other title!) the line goes something like this “ain’t that some s**t”. I have humor to be the best offense and defense I guess too. Also, don’t take it personal. Because it isn’t, and really who do I think I am that is personal. Hmmmmm .. . . sounds like Ego! Awesome definition Sana.


    • yay! i’m so happy u connect w me col and visa vue! sometimes, hearing your voice here is in effect like a tether to some part of my limited conscious self and i am immediately more aware that I am connected. thank u. keep on.


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