Collaboration Between Work and Play

All my options were poking at me like specters and I’ve been distracted.  Sitting in the coffee shop.  2 hours later and I’ve just started to write.  This is the first in eons since I’ve had open space in time during daylight hours.  I vaguely remember doing this in my past lives, but can’t remember how to do it.  I’m awkward.  It’s hard to know how to press into an area without boundaries.  I’ve walked on the moon here, trying to know how to foot my thoughts.  And now that my unbelievably free time is almost over, I realize I’ve procrastinated.  A daily planner all filled up just dropped down and I can see what I should do.  There’s a comfort in it.

A collaboration between work and play is healthy.  We slide or trip across the arc that connects them.  The path back can be harder to return to when we stay too long at one pole.  Like an unused muscle.  Sometimes people get sick and need time off work to recover.  They often look at me with bewilderment and ask, “What now?”  It’s like telling a kid, it’s time to nap.  Everyone else who hears desperately wishes you were talking to them.  We can lose the flow and someone or life or a force has to show us how to get back into sync.

Gratitude helps swing the pendulum.  That awareness, gratitude, moves us back and forth to see our options, what we want and what we have.  

Humility is another fair guide.  Kids get this.  I respect that about them.  Their hearts are open flowers, vulnerable, wanting.  They move trusting the momentum and direction from which they pivot.  We get more friction as we age.  It takes humility to accept redirection.  Humility is different from insecurity though.  It takes confidence and trust in something to know when to let go.  Kids do that better than me too!

Today, some of the resistance in my journey left, and I have more gratitude for my work and for my play.  I hope that I respond more easily when I should.  Like Samuel who heard God calling, I hope to know when to answer.  Let me be like a child.

Self Care Tip #33 – Live with gratitude, humility, and confidence.  Be a friend to yourself.

Question: Does this resonate with you?  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Collaboration Between Work and Play

  1. Hi Sana,

    My dad mentioned your blog to me the other day. Many of your posts resonate with me. It took me many years to realize just how important it is to live with gratitude. I keep a gratitude journal daily: there is always something for which to be thankful no matter the trials that might attend us now and then. Every once in awhile, I fall behind in my journal, and I feel my heart-attitude tilting out of balance. I wonder if humility and confidence originate in our feelings of gratitude? When we are thankful, we realize that we are not in control and we subordinate our will to something greater than ourselves. Having confidence, however, is something I work on continually. I was a pretty bossy child growing up, and I still am secretly pretty bossy—in my own head. I try not to be overly aggressive…but then I think I often err on the side of being too meek. Confidence is such a delicate balance between the two, yes? Anyway, I am loving your blog!

    • Thank you Sarah! Thanks for reading! That’s and excellent story you tell of yourself. I was wondering what your secret was. every time i’ve ever seen u, u have an amazing glow and happy aura! keep it up. blessings on that new baby too!

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