Creative Hard Work On What is Personal

I created the graphic myself.

Wouldn’t you know it!  She spends all her best of self at work.

Do not be misled by her personal life.  She does well at work.  When she wants to increase her network, she goes to more community mixers.  Before she falls behind on what is new in her market, she reads, she studies, she goes to conferences, and more.  She is curious, asks why and explores where her thoughts take her.  She is productive and independent.

That is Katalyn at work.  It is what it is for Katalyn.

This is the same girl that asks, “Why am I alone?”

Katalyn, you, Me, we in our culture are ashamed of others seeing us strategically build up what we term, “personal” but not “professional.”  It is what it is, but we have freedom to choose.

Is a personal network any less valuable if it came by deliberate effort, rather than a fairy godmother?  How bout study?  We are ashamed to go to a 12-step group but not the chamber of conference.  It is what it is.

Self-Care Tip:  Put as much creative energy and hard work into your personal life as you want.

Question:  When you reflect on it, do you believe personal connections should “just happen” as if by magic?  How so?  What successes do you have from hard work?  Please tell us your story. 

9 thoughts on “Creative Hard Work On What is Personal

  1. I think that .personal connections are seen as weak by our society. “What’s wrong?” “Why do you need that?” “I don’t need that! Ego gets in the way, ego that we might need more than ego. Hmmm . . . what’s more than ego. Ego gets pretty threated very quickly. So how do we live in this world now with our own ego and everyone elses? And how the heck do we help ego settle down? Ego, fear, scarcity. MASKS! That is the word that comes to me as I write. Masks. We develop our masks to cover our perceived inequities. Our failings our shortcomings, and I don’t think most of us even know we have created these masks and wear them (did great work around my own masks, who knew!). I think we work so hard to create our masks and wear them. Masks that make us “look good” on the outside to cover up lack/fear on the inside. I think that is exactly what we do in our professional lives because we would be consumed otherwise. So is the mask a good resource sometimes? Perhaps, a coping skill, as long as we know its there.
    If we tell that we are going to a 12 step program for example implies that we are broken (our own perseption) , and if we are broken what good are we. I still come back to ego, guilt and shame. And why does mental, emotional, spirtiual brokeness or our preception of that deserve or need any less support and help than cancer, heart disease or diabetes? Why?! Because it infers that we are weak, incapable, scary, not “normal”. I think that its a mirror story again. We become mirrors that others see themselves in and they don’t like to be reminded that they are just a couple of steps away from the same thing. Also, we can measure cancer, heart disease and diabetes, broken bones, etc. We cannot seem to get numbers and measure emotional, spirtiual illness or sadness, or mental problems. If we can’t measure it or see it it must not be true.

    So, if we are able to show that we have these resources regardless of what others think (and I do think in my circles that people are becoming far more understanding of emotional healing and support) perhaps we can begin to influence change around us.

    I declare: that I have a Soul Coach, I go to church and speak with my pastor when need be or reach out to others within the church, I have friends in different circles that I speak to openly and freely asking questions and receiving support and love. I use my doctor when need be for support, have joined a group and we are reading and discussing A Course In Miracles. I have attended Bible studies and prayer groups over the years. Soul Circles. I step into whatever comes my way that will help support me, emotionally, spiritually and physcially. I have seen numerous counselors, been in sexual abuse groups,a grief group, and a 12 Step Program And . . . I read this wonderful blog written by Sana and her brilliant postings and find tremendous support there! From her and all the others that post replies!


  2. Should personal connections “just happen?” I think it depends on the individual, how content they are with life. If someone needs more interaction with others there are ways to make it happen.
    blessings ~ maxi


  3. I believe that God introduces opportunities and/or people into my life at certain times, as He sees my needs. This includes me giving to, rather than receiving from, others. If I can be supportive and helpful for someone who may be struggling I feel blessed. And if I happen to have been through the same experience, double blessed. Other times I’m the one who’s struggling and needs the help and support from others. Then it’s a matter of me choosing to reach out and make the connection. And I believe that opportunity does knock more than once, for me. It happens when I don’t “get it” the first time-or second, third, etc. and God really wants me to make the connection.


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