Feeling Human. Get to Work.


Some days, I feel more human than others.  Today was one of those days.  “Chalk full,” as my Aussie-friend says, with stuff.  Started when I got up with the usual dishes, laundry, breakfast and such.  Thankful for it you know.  Means we’re living here.  Moved on to the car dealership to get some work done on my mom-van.  They said thank you and promptly shuttled me and my 3 small children to the mall.

Spending time with kids at home can be too crazy for me on a good day.  Spending time with the kids, without transportation, in the mall 3 days before Christmas….  Words cannot describe it so well.

Four hours later, the shuttle came back for us to collect their $730-some dollars.  I said thank you and drove my kids home.  This was around 2:30pm.


We found our basement flooded.  Really flooded.  It is 9:41 and I just sat down.  My basement is now mostly just wet.

I am tired.  But still grateful.  I fell a little more in love with our house today, thinking, “I will do this for our house.”  “Home.”  (Myuaaah!)

You can yell at things and sometimes people you love and it doesn’t have to mean you love them any less.  A bang-up fight in fact can make the bond even stronger.  I fought with my home today.  My fingers are numb.  My back hurts.  After the rain I can fix the original sin causing the flooding.  However, I imagine that because it is still raining, I’ll have to do this again tomorrow.  There’ll be more fighting.  More love.

The thing that got me through today most of all, was the commonality.  Work.  Work just has to be done.  So human.  To live is to work.  There is no emotion attached unless I put it there.  Work is.  There is a lot of life satisfaction when we do it and don’t get all personal about it.  Don’t dance around, away, negotiate it.  Get it done and or don’t.  Either way, you get what you worked for.

Self-Care Tip #139 – Get up and live.  Work it.

Question: When have emotions, issues, temperature gotten in the way of your work?  Please tell me your story.

9 thoughts on “Feeling Human. Get to Work.

  1. Beautiful. I love the idea that you “fought” with your house today. I am fighting with my life; maybe that means I value it more than I use to.

  2. Holy Cow, what a day you had. Flooding is such a drag, I have lived through it. Indeed, nothing to do but put on your boots and roll up your sleeves and deal with it, and cry a little! I hope you are ok and that you get a massage and a dehumidifier soon.

    • thank u Zahara. can’t tell u how good it felt to get your commiserating comment. it was a drag and yes, is flooded again. i admit, there were a few tears. i’m off to buy a “Submersible Utility Pump” from Home Depot. It’s the last one left for miles around. not the best but beggars can’t be choosers. (there’s a pearl I’d like to throw to the swine!) 😉 Hope u and yours r good. son?

  3. As a teacher is was very hard not to be profoundly influenced negative emotionally on job because of complicated, disheartening, and crushing problems compounded by depression. So students and I had to accept there would be low performance days. Often had to just “do it” as you say when found myself using up sick leave and coming under the radar of peers and superiors because of it. You have to “do it” because your whole economic sustainability depends on it. I am thankful I was able to “do it” without having my life disintegrate like had happened to so many others. So I was able to semi manage alcoholism, depression and overwhelming life stressors for 40 years. I thought all that was behind me as I am retired but now I get to agonize over losing my condo because of foreclosures and only half of owners paying maintenance which will make the association collapse. So I recall 10th grade biology in that organisms must adapt to environmental challenges or surrender and die. I am not going to surrender.

    • ah dear Carl. so it’s official now? you’re out’ed?
      on one hand, i’m bummed for you.
      on another hand, i’m dancing (something no one wants to see) for you that u r after all these years such a victor! u r adaptable and adapting and definitely not an invertebrate. i celebrate your spine! 😉
      thank u carl for commenting. i love your mind.

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