I’ve heard, “It Never Hurts to Ask”

It never hurts to ask and what I learned from Honda

Honda stojan

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I am a believer in Honda.  They’ve won me over with their automatic doors, convenience in just about any way they can, but mostly because of their Starbucks coffee, fresh-baked cookies and 10% discounts.  “Ten percent?,” you ask.  Well, not so easy as that.  We have to ask.  Ask nicely.

Honda has, if not taught me, reinforced my once shaky belief that if you ask for something, you’re more likely to get it.  Sounds obvious but how often we don’t.  We don’t ask.  What are the barriers?  Flip it and we wonder what helps us ask?

We bring out our biopsychosocial model again.  (Hear the whip-ahhh! as it comes out of our pocket?!)

Question:  What do you find when you break it down?

Those barriers or the helps we have in other areas of our life, including with our own friend, Me.

Self-Care Tip #277 – If you want to change something, ask.  Including when it’s about yourself from yourself.

15 thoughts on “I’ve heard, “It Never Hurts to Ask”

  1. So often we are not to ‘ask’ because it is rude or inconvenient to others, despite actually paying for a service that could’ve made things easier. I reckon in terms of relationships communication is even more vital… ‘how do you feel…’ etc.


  2. I’m not sure how to respond to this one, Sana. I keep coming back to it, and I guess my only thought is that fear or embarassment may be a couple of the things that block our ability to ask and self-confidence is the thing that eventually helps. The better we know ourselves, the better we like ourselves, the easier it is to ask for help to know ourselves better and feel better about ourselves.

    Hope last night went well. Any chance of doing it again in, say, September???


  3. The first thought that comes to my mind is Pride (not real Pride, but the Pride people think they have). I think Americans are so consumed by appearances and keeping up with the Jones that we are willing to sacrifice our livelihood for it.

    I think we don’t ask for discounts because it makes it look like we couldn’t afford it if it wasn’t discounted. Money is the foundation of everyone’s lives, yet no one wants to talk about it. It’s taboo. In my circle of friends, no one likes to say how much they earn or how much they pay. I think that is a shame because how are you supposed to know what is a reasonable amount to ask for when you get hired for a job? Or if a price is reasonable when you buy?

    I’m over-simplifying it, but basically you always have a 50% chance of getting what you want if you ask for it, but you if don’t ask your chance will always be 0%.

    I am guilty of this, as well.

    But if you need a testimonial, here are some success stories:
    I went to Aaron Brothers to buy a set of Copic markers that cost over $200 for a set of 36. I went up to the counter and asked if they had coupons (because I know Michaels and Joanns do that). The lady said they have coupons in their flyers. I asked her if she had any that I could use. She did some searching and found one for me. I got a 40% discount just because I asked. That is a huge savings.
    You don’t have to lie or feel like a scam artist. Just be honest and people are willing to help you when they know you are sincere.

    Hugs and Blessings! Jasmine Wilmany


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