The Biopsychosocial-How-to Be a Friend to Yourself

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There is interplay between biological, psychological, and social issues that make us who we are.  You can work as a team not only  with your family, physicians, therapists, and whomever else is involved in your team approach to getting friendly with yourself – but you can also team up with yourself so to speak.


1.  Biology

Anything going on materially with my physical body?

Medical illnesses, temperament, sleep issues, diet, exercise, air, rash….

2.  Psychological

i.e., thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Things like lack of self-control, coping skills, catastrophizing, and negative thinking.

3.  Social

Such as socioeconomic status, culture, poverty, technology, and religion can influence health.

Think God, friends, marriage, parenting, work, unemployment….

We can do this not only with others who are here to help us, but also in our own thoughts.  We can start seeing ourselves as more than one part or another.  Separate and disconnected.  This might take some practice or it might be natural for you.  Just start wherever you are and run this through yourself.  When you’re stressed, break it down.  Take it apart to bring it back together.

Read more about this at “Forget About Divisions In Knowledge.”

Question:  How do you see the connections within yourself?  How has this played into your healing processes?  Please tell me your story.

Self-Care Tip #125 – See yourself as parts that make up your whole.  Be a friend to yourself.

8 thoughts on “The Biopsychosocial-How-to Be a Friend to Yourself

  1. I try to see myself as connected to everyone, through my beliefs that we call came from the same creator. I do believe that when you peel it all away we are all spirit and energy, and we came from the same source. None of us are so different, and it’s easier to love each someone else and to try to understand someone else when I see myself in them. (Yeah, I realize that’s pretty selfish! LOL)

    Thanks for the thought provoking post as always. 🙂

  2. I agree with Teri above. We all are one spirit. Our only problem is that we think we are separated from God and when we had that thought we forgot to laugh and now we’re stuck in that moment of forgetting to laugh. We all are one. We are all in this dream of forgetting that we belong to God.

    • hey clar! i am really honored to hear from u on these older posts. thank u so much. i agree that our only problem is being separated from God. thank u for saying it so clearly. i belong to God. ah.

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