Positive Emotions and Behaviors are Contagious Too

Chris Sacca, Google special issues

Image by dfarber via Flickr

We are doing a narrative series on understanding where emotions and behaviors come from:

  1. Emotions Are Contagious
  2. Our own Emotional Junk 
  3. Positive Emotions and Behaviors are Contagious Too (today’s post) 

What we’ve covered so far in our series is that we know emotions are contagious and we know that if we take care of our own first, we might not be as “susceptible to contagion” in turn.  Further we were left with the hope that if we do this, we might have the ability to choose to be with people we love even if they don’t do their own self-care and have that connection without personalizing what isn’t about us.  Sigh.  That is nice, isn’t it?

Yesterday, M in his usual gentle way, reminded us that contagious emotions might be effective for spreading more deliberately and more in the positive nature.

 I am encouraged and hopeful. Being peaceful can be contagious too?

Then today I read a tweet about Chris Sacca’s commencement address.

presence -> sleeping well -> breathing *ahhh* -> embracing my weird self -> presence. Thx again @sacca So good.

Well worth my time!  Sacca spoke about being a friend to yourself!  Can you believe it!?  …Ok.  He didn’t say those words or mention this blog, …or me …but he may as well have!  (Wink.)

If you listen, think and process, please tell.   I would love to hear what you get from his speech.

…Did you catch the bit about start overs?!  You know I love that.

Sometimes however, I am a real bore making this “friend to yourself” thing seem so dull and difficult.  And M and Sacca are right!  Peace and happiness are also contagious and a better effort.  To get that, Sacca tells us to do some specific things.  Did you catch them?

Question:  What did Chris Sacca say that you find useful to friendship with yourself? or others?

Self-Care #269 – Positive emotions and behaviors are also contagious and are a better effort for your friend – You.

13 thoughts on “Positive Emotions and Behaviors are Contagious Too

    • Thx bananas! What fun to hear from u. I espectially liked your allusion to our potential biological limitations to do this friendly thing for ourselves. So culturally common to only talk bout that pinch of our lives that actually is in our steering and forget about the batch that isn’t. Thx again n keep talking!


  1. I really like this post, especially the positive emotions part. It reminds me of being the thermostat in a situation….can you help regulate the tempurature to a positive one. I have been guilty, especially with my hubby, just the other day, as a matter of fact, of allowing my emotions to take me to a point of drawing him in negatively, which was not good for either one of us. I wallowed in guilt and beat myself up for the emotional tantrum that I knew I was throwing, wanting him to feel sorry for me. Then this morning, it was quite the opposite. So I see how I can use my emotions positively. Someone once said you can be pitiful or powerful, but not both…


    • laughing marie! i tend to do that sometimes. talk around things but don’t hit them clearly enough. no worries. i’ll try again another time! i’m really glad u spoke up though. i think from the looks of the comments, u might have been the only one who actually listened to his speech! 😉


  2. Well I read the article on Sacca, couldn’t find the speech and for the life of me can’t figure out what any of it means. All I got was yes, there is a correlation between good feelings and yes they do rub off.


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